You may be familiar with the laws that govern your daily life, but it is often a mystery for some citizens to fully understand how these laws are created and introduced. With so many terms (bill, law, committee, Congress) the process can indeed be confusing, but in fact the way a bill becomes law it quite clear and methodical.

A bill, or simply a suggested law, can be introduced by any member of Congress (that is to say, either in the Senate or the House of Representatives). From there, the bill gets discussed in an appropriate committee Read More

Why State and Local Politics Matter

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Many people think that it is not important to vote, to take part in your local political campaign, and to simply “let other do the voting.” The problem with this is that if you do not vote and take part in local and state politics, you are not really doing your part as a voter, and therefore not contributing fully. When you take the time to brush up on your state and local politics you are going to discover that there are definitive reasons for elections and votes, and that by simply sitting and not Read More

Is The Tea Party Here to Stay?

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In the current political climate, there is a lot of anger and frustration among the general electorate. On the left side politically, the prevailing argument is we need government to support and supply our needs. Whereas on the political right, they believe the government is meant to support the will of the people, not support the people. The formation of the TEA party as it is known was in response to elevated taxes levied against the American tax-payer. Taxed Enough Already is the Read More

The Politics of The Democratic Party

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With the fate of our nation hanging in the balance, the Democratic Party is running on a few different platforms intended to provide stability and prosperity throughout the country. On the whole, democratic candidates are in favor of family values, health care, civil rights, social programs, job creation, new technologies, education, economic growth, and making sure that middle class Americans retain what they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Democratic leaders believe that a collective and concentrated effort in these respective areas can create a brighter future across the board, which Read More

The Politics of The Republican Party

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The Republican Party is often viewed as a divisive group of moderates and extreme right conservatives. The recently formed Tea Party has done little to improve this view. However, there is certain unity among members of the Republican Party concerning the future direction of the country.

Republicans believe the role government should be more limited. The government has massively increased the regulations that businesses and individuals must follow. This has created a level of uncertainty and possibly hindered employment. Read More